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Additive manufacturing (AM) is a modern process of adding material layer by layer (3D printing) until the desired shape of a part is achieved. There are various techniques of Additive manufacturing available commercially which caters to different applications.

We are specialized in Directed Energy Deposition which is an additive manufacturing process combined with the rapid prototyping to fabricate the near net shaped parts in which powder or wire is concentrated on a substrate along with laser as a heat source to create a melt pool.

DED can also be used to add features or make repairs to existing parts.


Simultaneous 5-Axis CNC for accurate 3D printing with a high precision

Coaxial and off axis nozzle

In-house developed software generates 5 axis simultaneous tool path for Additive manufacturing

Variable spot size to change resolution as per part requirement

Temperature controlled 3D printing

Design optimizations as per customer requirement to get full benefit from 3D printed part


Conformal cooling channels

Structural components such as Bumpers etc.

Automotive and aerospace components

Tool and die remanufacturing


Fabrication of sophisticated shapes (internal and external)

Multi-material part fabrication

Design changes without change in tooling

Addition of features on existing part